i suppose

from by Oats



i suppose

ten months- and almost to the day
since you called to tell me you had gone away
you don't look back- no you just move on
do you recall my place? was it all so wrong?

you gave me some books- my favorites
i gave you my lunchbox and my sentiment
what happened- jesus would only know
but i still see your face because i love you so

i suppose i lost my way into your heart
i suppose i don't always do what i am supposed to
i propose you're not as right as you are smart
so i suppose it will be your way- and your way is the highway

im a ghost on your highway
just a ghost on your highway..


from [a tear and a sneer], track released November 16, 2011



all rights reserved


Oats Atlanta, Georgia

Todd 'Oats' Olsen began his career by co-founding the CHR band, The Waiting which toured internationally for a decade and garnered five #1 hits nationally in the US.
Oats continues to record and play spot dates with The Waiting and has produced dozens of other artists. His debut solo release, [a tear and a sneer] was released in November 2011.
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